No snap animation with right joy con, Short on PU diode

Hey there,
I’ve got a switch which is not showing the snap animation on the right joy con but connects fine otherwise. I’ve found out that the problem is not on the rail itself since I swapped it with another switch. I went over the board in diode mode comparing the values with a known good board. I found a short on the “PU” labeled diode (see image). I’m a bit puzzled how this diode can short to ground, since I don’t see any ground going into this diode. Is there a ground pad underneath or does the shorting section connect to somewhere else? I checked all around and couldn’t find connectivity to somewhere else. I guess I’ll have to take the diode off but I don’t have a donorboard where I can take it from. Does anyone have information about this part which would help me acquire a new one?


Thanks in advance!

I have a console with the same issue. I posted about it the other week, but decided to leave it unfixed in the end, as it doesn’t seem to effect the working on the console other than this animation (and it is now up for sale on ebay, so I wont be going in again unless it fails to sell for some reason). That said, I would be interested to know if replacing that diode does fix the issue.

After removing the diode the short remained and I discovered that it was actually the 5V line supplying both diodes and the fan. The source of the short turned out to be a diode near the fan connector which is all-ready mentioned in other topics. I hadn’t tested the fan but apparently it was shorted too. After removing the fan-diode the short is gone but the snap animation is still missing.

Since its a cosmetic issue I wont continue investigating much further either.