No touch, LCD jumps/glitches, insert a cartridge and error code

Lookit. Top row has at least two missing pins. The one in the middle of the pic you can see sitting between two bottom ones… Not at all where it should be. I bet anything we are getting shorts here or broken connections in here.

I can easily replace chips but Ive had issues with plastic parts. Not looking forward to trying to swap this

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Here is a second Switch that I replaced the PI3USB because of no TV out. Now TV out is fine but LCD wont work.

Damage looks VERY familliar eh?

I think the folks around here had trouble pointing me to this connector on account of both ours sort of work… Its a very unusual glitch

I mean usually you damage this area you get no LCD out at all. I think I would have instantly been pointed to this area if it was not working at all.

I dont think I can get tools in the connector to fit the pins back but Im going to try anyway on one of these

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I would replace them rather that trying to fix that many pins. You need to heat the board from the bottom so you dont melt it, luckily there is nothing plastic on the back of the board up there.

When removing one I tried to heat from the bottom. It never generated enough heat at 500 to even budge.

Got any pointers

For removal you could heat from the top, but you would need to protect the other ones nearby. Alternatively you could mix in some leaded solder or low melt solder before heating to lower the temperature. I haven’t had too many issues removing them myself through, so maybe more air flow and a bigger nozzle would help?

Hey there, thanks so much for replying and going back to see what’s going on. Heating from underneath at about 470c and absolutely lowest airflow is what works for me. I’ve replaced the connector and at first it seemed to be normal and the glitching was gone but then it came back. After looking at the pins of the new connector it turns out one of the pins again was jacked up, mind you this connector was a perfectly donor. I think I’m bend down one of the pins on accident when sliding in the ribbon cable so perhaps my soldering placement of the connector is a bit too “forward”. Anyways I think we may have found out issue :).

I usually go top and protect just like you say to remove but I was trying to get a feel for heating under it soldering… Im terrified one of the components on bottom will fall off. I tried this on a donor board not one of the ones Im fixing.


This has been eating my lunch for a while. I think we are on to something… Thank you for confirming you have similar going on.

Also, as suspected bending the pins was not successful. It “could” be done I got them real close to back into place with an xacto but you cant see that inside so a certain amount of luck would be involved.

I’ll order some new connectors and take my time so as to not bend the pins. I’ll update.

Me too

I think the damage is occuring when the ribbon cable is forced in too much when not quite aligned. Also it likes to bunch up side to side so its no longer as flat as it should be. It can get so warped ive had to squeeze it flat again.

Just be extra careful when slotting it. it needs to slide in kind of easy. Ive done it at least 50 times without damage, but I def broke one of these because it worked a day or so prior before swapping pi3usb

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I have taken to plugging in the lcd while it is not in the case yet. It makes getting the usb past the plastic harder, but I only have to do that once everything else is working 100%. Its the angle of the cable as it curves round that makes it such a pain as it wants to move higher up.

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