No TV signal but work perfectly in handheld


Still trying to find why I don’t have any TV signal on my Switch.
PI3USB is new.
So I read first that I have to check if 3v is getting to the PI3USB.
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Ok but can someone tell me where is the VCC in for this chip ? I see no datasheet with details from the manufacturer…

The five filters have continuity but It is recommended to check small caps and resistors surrounding the chip as well.

Not easy to check for caps…

Thxs for help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello. Maybe this can help you.


Thxs for information.
Maybe a faulty USB C connector or an internal failure as well.

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So this chip exclusively manages orientation of the Type-C port. It’s driven by the M92 which determines orientation. When the Switch is docked, pins on both sides of the connector are utilized meaning the whole thing is very sensitive to poor component placement and pins not mating properly.

Check and double-check your USB-C first. The most obvious part that gets rough treatment. If the pins look good, then try cleaning them with IPA. If the port is damaged, then there are plenty of videos showing what you need to do.

If the switch seems to charge OK with connection in both orientations, then you can safely rule out the M92 in my experience.

I’d then check the chokes feeding the PI3USB. There should be 5 of them and they should have continuity on the pins between the USB-C and the PI3USB. You can check these with a multimeter as they are often the first to die when wrong voltages go to the wrong pins.

Next up is the PI3USB which is manages routing of the display port over USB Type-C. This thing takes a battering when the port begins to wear out and pins short against each other. I’ve found them notoriously difficult to reliably replace and you need to be extra careful about prepping the pins with a consistent amount of solder and avoiding getting too much on the central pad.

Good luck!