No video, missing TMDS CLKP and CLKN

Hello. Just got in an xbox one, it had a few issues, it wouldn’t boot due to a bad ethernet controller. Then a bad HDMI port, and pin 1 was grounded through the ESD relay. Any way, I have fixed all that, and still no video, I have even replaced the serial bus extender for the HDMI.
Probing with an oscilloscope, I get waves on 6 of the HDMI TMDS lines, but the last 2 which are two clocks, are flat lined on both sides of the capactors, on one side it’s at around 3v and on the other (coming from APU) around 1.5v. Both sides show no clock. I don’t know if it should always be there, of if it’s triggered. I have tested the HDMI side of the line, and they are connected, the pull up resistors are good, and no shorts.

Any advice?

P.S. What are this type of capacitor called? The ones that are in line with signals (not bypass). I would like to investigate a little more on how they work. I’m guessing the change in voltage on one side will quickly change the voltage on the other (attracting and repelinf electrons), but I have never read any theory about this kind of capacitor replacement and would like to, but googling capacitors in series with data gets me no where.

Ok, so clkp and clkn are shorted together on the APU side of their capacitors, and on that side of the capacitor there is only the APU, so definetly an APU fault, going to call it.