No video out when docked, SBU1 and SBU2 P13USB Filter read OL on port side

Hello! This is my first post here, I’ve looked through a lot of posts on this site and they’ve been very helpful. Particularly the wealth of info and schematics from @Calvin . Great name by the way…

So my cousin has a v2 switch that doesn’t display video when docked, everything else is totally fine. The green led light stays solid when docked, just no output to tv. He brought it to me to check out, and i gave him an extra v1 I had. We initially were hoping it was his dock, but he brought it over and my switch connected to it just fine. We then thought it could be the charge port.

He took my spare v1 switch home and immediately when he plugged it in to his tv, it did not display video. Everything else still works, but its in the same state as his v2 is now. This made me think that its an issue with his AC adapter or electrical in his house and the charge port on the v2 is probably fine.

I’ve done tons of research since then and spent hours learning about the switch motherboard, common modes of failure, and diagnosing circuitry. All the caps around the P13 and M92 chips read as they should per Calvin’s schematics in Diode mode. All filters have continuity except this one circled in purple which is the SBU filter. (left most filter, the small one on v2 mother board- cant add pictures for some reason)

I’m getting an OL reading on the port side of the filter. (SBU1 and SBU2) and normal readings on the P13usb side of the filter.

I checked the top row of charge port pins, and the 5th pin from the left (SBU2) shows OL as well. I have ordered a breakout board to do more testing on the bottom row.

So I’m wondering if I just need to replace that filter? Or is it more likely that the P13usb chip has failed? Again, all readings I have taken from caps around the chips look good, no holes or damage to chips, no damage to charge port. Both switches have never been services before now.

Second, does anyone have insight on what could be causing this to happen? All his equipment is OEM and I even tested another working V1 switch oh his dock at my house. It worked just fine and no damage to the switch. Only thing I haven’t used is his AC adapter. I purchased an inline usb c meter and couldn’t tell much of a difference in the readings between his AC adapter and mine.

Thanks in advance!