Not charging, Error 2101-0001 with known good battery

Working on a switch, came in with a damaged USB c port and only powered to the error screen with a good battery.
Replaced the USB C port and M92 IC after detecting shorts around the M92 IC.
After replacing the IC the shorts are gone. The USB C port is letting 5V get to the Fuse and just after.
However, on pins 5 and 6 of the M92 IC I get 0 voltage present.
The device still boots to the Error code with a good battery in place and 3.3V is present on pin 5 and 6, even after the M92 replacement attempted 3 different times all with brand new chips
Any ideas what my next step might be?

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Hm can you use a known working Chip, Maybe original by Nintendo from another console?

Is any of the 3 mosfets under M92 getting hot? (just apply some isopropanol on them)