Not Charging or switching on - Lets work together

So had a look and found a few posts about not charging/not switching on posts and there’s so much info i’m getting confused :slight_smile: So my thought here is to go through this step by step and i’ll edit this post and hopefully come up with a base guide for people to follow.

So, as above the switch i have doesn’t switch on and doesn’t show anything on screen when plugged in.

First plugged in a power meter and then into the switch. Showing 5v 0.4A. Left it plugged in for 30mins just in case but no movement.

Next I’ve opened up the console and with the battery unplugged while it charges in another switch.

Plugged in the charger and checked the voltage on the USB ports.
2 0.00V
3 000V
4 0.93
5 0.34
6 15
7 15

Fuse i get continuity

If i should of done something first to check let me know.

check caps around M92T36 and BQ24 see if any short first. then check if 5v/15v comes through fuse to these 2 IC and also check if 3.3v available on M92T36 pin5 pin6.

don’t really understand the numbers meaning from op. usb port pin 234567 voltage(left to right)??

Sorry forgot to post the image with those numbers will edit now.

OK so what caps am I looking for? Am I just checking continuity when looking for shorts? Which pins am I looking on the IC for the 5v/15v (guess those values depend on the charger I’m using)

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check those yellow marked caps both side diode value /continuity to ground

Right so this is what i’ve found
So the ones marked with Green seem to measure ok and are grounded (if that’s the term)
The one that has red grounds both sides. So i guessed that means a short of some sorts.

So digging around on the forum while looking for values of the caps/resistors etc i cam across a thread that linked this youtube that has my issue :slight_smile:

So on the other side of the board

This one is also “shorted” as per the youtube video shows. So on closer inspection it looks like it the “Video” chip is damaged.

So guess it’s time to order a Video chip.

Yes, you need a new video chip. Also, be sure to check the filters after the video chip as well as sometimes they get blown out when the video chip goes bad. Another thing to keep in mind is that just because you replace the video chip doesn’t mean it will fix it. It usually will but there can be other problems as well. After you replace it you’ll want to go back and check all those caps for shorts again.


Which are the filters? Also am I just checking continuity or should I get a value from them.

You can check continuity.


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Always remove ic and check shorted caps again making sure short is gone before soldering on new chip

Thanks Calvin

Yeah just checked those and they seem fine.

Thanks tronicsfix,
Yeah this is my first repair, so going through all the steps will help. If it doesn’t at least will have so spares for the next try :grin::grin:

I’ll give that a go while waiting for the replacement chip. Will give me a chance to test and check my hot air station still works.