Not correct value on 3.3v rail of power regulator

Hi everyone, i am not getting the right value on 3.3v rail of the power regulator near the south bridge. i have a close value of 1.8v against 3.3v.

i am 100% The ic is good and I don’t have a short on the main rail. But the Vcc of the usb IC (who is powered by 3.3v) is shorted. when i inject 3.3v i have about 500mA - 200mA. but i couldn’t find any evident hot place.

Where should I check next ? thx.

there is some pics for diagnostic:

https ://
https ://
https ://

I guess it is a edm-010 board

Yep this is EMD-010 board

Both pictures shows a differnent spot?
The first is the pmic for the mounted rear usb ports and the second shows the muxer/redriver for the front usb port?

The 3.3V for the tusb1044 are generated here:

Thx for this indice I fixed the short. But as I understood the 3.3v isn’t the same with the IC I sent a pic.

I still have 1.8v instead of 3.3v at the IC near southbridge do you have any advice to give me?

( and I have 5v input at R33K6 but no 3.3 output and no short, I just think this is not a standby value but I am not sure).

Thx a lot !

At the ic near the spouthbridge I also measure 1.8v in standby. I think it is ok.
And the R33K6 is not outputting anything on my board in standby. (But my edm-010 board is at the moment not full functional due to a missing ssd ic.)