Not sure if this is hardware or software related

Hey there guys, I’m having trouble fixing this switch that was working fine a week ago. It is hacked and I was using it exclusively in emummc to play games I downloaded from tinfoil. The switch only turns on when I hold the power button for several seconds and turns off when the charging cable is unplugged. When the switch is on and I plug the charging cable in the charging notification appears on the top left and next to the battery but the switch isn’t actually charging the battery. Now this switch was bought with repairing it in mind. The only issue with it (at least what I thought was the only issue) was the battery was junk and I needed to replace it. Once replaced it started to work just fine except the switch wouldn’t turn off after long periods of no use. There are some low value caps around the MAX77 ic as well as one next to the BQ ic. Things I should try is to see if the switch is utilizing the quick charging mode via a ammeter and check for any other shorts (there were none around the M9 ic). Is this a hard ware issue or software issue? Any help and ideas will be greatly appreciated. If I need to clarify anything please let me know in the replies. I think one thing that’s interesting is that the switch turns off instantly when I unplug the charging cable. Oh, and appears on tegra rcm and boots into lock pick rcm but not with fusee or hekate, it boots into a black screen when using hekate or fusee.

Here’s what an ammeter is showing.

Ok, I guess lets start with the “low value caps” you have found. Which ones, and how are you measuring them?