Not working backlit in Nintendo Switch Lite

Hi everybody.
I searched through the forum, but I don’t find what I was looking for.
Here is the description of my problem.

I replace the screen in Nintendo Switch Lite, due to instructions on iFixit. The reason was that the original screen was cracked - it displays image only on half of the screen.
After replacing the screen with a new one, I turned on the switch and it appears that the screen is black. After investigation, it seems that the backlit is not working, because some information is visible when looking at a specific angle in a dark room. So I researched how to fix the backlit, and I try to replace the ribbon cable(this one connecting the mainboard with the daughterboard), but still didn’t work. I checked the voltage in a place where it seems to be the ribbon cable responsible for backlit(this one next to the volume/screen lock ribbon cable), and it seems like there is good voltage(in one of them was more like ~15V, and this is good value due to other similar topics). Also, I can see that screen is glowing inside the case ( I removed the rear cover), and after rejecting the backlit ribbon cable is not glowing (so I assume that the cable is somehow working). Also, I try to connect the backlit cable to the old screen, and the screen glows white.

So reassuming my question, what steps should I take to make my screen work again, if I can see that voltage is good, the cable seems to be sending a signal, cable responsible for the image is working (I see properly displayed pixels in the dark)?


Likely you have a working long ribbon cable and backlight but not the LCD connection

Hi, thanks for your reply.

So what do you mean by the LCD connector,

  1. One of the wires on the ribbon cable that is also responsible for backlit,
  2. Whole ribbon cable that is going from the new screen
  3. Or do you mean another ribbon cable from the new screen, this wide one, near the CPU?

And what to do with that, buy another screen?
I also want to admit, that the old screen connected to the backlit cable is glowing white, but in the same way as the new one, maybe I should try to replace again old screen, and see if the backlit is working?

You have backlight
check lcd connector is ok or not

All right, can someone provide readings for the LCD connector? I cannot find any proper source. And also I don’t understand why the backlit is working, and there is a problem with the LCD connector, I can see image on the screen when I point a flashlight at it, or when I’m in a dark spot, so for my reasoning, it means “there is no backlit” :smiley:

Did you replace the whole lcd-touchscreen unit or only the lcd unit?
If only the lcd unit: any chance there is still a protection film on the lcd unit?

In that case check your backlight connector diode reading when battery unplugged.

Your " glowing white" makes ppl confused

I replace only Icd, and I take off film from screen but I preserved it in the box.

By glowing white I mean, that I can see light of the screen without rear case.

Also when I attached backlit cable to old screen it look like this:

what does it show when you put new LCD crystal panel and every backlight reflection film together looks like?

I misunderstood the word “film”, I didn’t remove the reflection film from LCD (the silver one, I don’t even know how to remove it without destroying LCD), I removed only the blue protection foil.

Can you post a pcture of the back of the panel with no power?

Seems like a dodgy refurbished panel to me… the Chinese sellers solder on new backlight ribbons to panels with bad ones, seems like they’ve forgot to put the reflector on in this case… at least afaict

My guess, the reflector is not on the correct side and now between lcd and backlight. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Backlight is glowing like this on my bad LCD. There is a thick layer of the LIGHT GUIDE PLATE as shown in pic1


So here I have some pictures of the screen, and I see that they both have mirror like layer in back:

I also attached video where I show how new screen is looked like from behind:

So as you can see they both have silver film, they have somehow working backlit when they are plugged

If you plug the old broken screen, there is an clear visible image and with the new one only a massively dimmed one?

The old screen only crashed, and the screen acts more like this:

This means working backlit, colors, only physical damage.
When I replace the old one with the new one, the image was more like this:

I don’t put again old one to switch, I only plugged him into a backlit ribbon cable(as you can see in the post above)

My guess: the new lcd is defect.

If you pluggin the old one and it’s displaying fine (besides the damage) and the new one in the same place is barely showing something on the screen, the problem is the new display unit and not the Switch.

Good, I will try that.