NS Lite Capacitor values over power/backlight FPC

I was working on a Nintendo Switch Lite but after a “sequence of unfortunate events”, I find myself missing some components, and I would like some help identifying them and their values.

The area in question is above the left control FPC connector. On the attached picture I color coded the areas where I am missing some capacitors. Please let me know the values for the ones marked by an X.

I’d like to add that I already tried picking them from a donor board, but that is already part the “sequence of unfortunate events.” In short, I was sleep deprived, impatient and I have no idea where they ended up. At this point, it is better for me to grab what I need from a spool.

From what I can see RED, BLUE & YELLOW are capacitors.
Is PURPLE a filter? If so I can replace it from donor.
BROWN is a 150 Ohm resistor, and that is already in place

Thank you for your help.