NS puzzle. 2168-0002 / screen freeze / unable to play cartridges

Hello there, I’ve got a puzzle for all of you interested.
I recently bought a faulty switch to spend some time thinkering with it.

This switch presents a few problems:

  • The cartridge reader reads and shows the game on the display. But after launching the game it will always show the message “The Software Was Closed Because An Error Occurred”
  • Going to the e-shop and trying to login with an account resoults in a 2168-0002 error
  • Connecting to a wifi will freeze the switch after a couple of minutes

I’ve tested for shorts and haven’t been able to find any.
There seem to be 2 missing traces on the display connector (I don’t think this would cause these kinds of problems).

I’m thinking that the problems is either a dodgy ram (I may try putting some pressure on the ram chips and see if I’m able to load a game from the cartridge) or a faulty power delivery chip that is not giving enoght voltage/amperage to either cpu or wifi chip.

What do you think?