NVG-001 strange short on ACIN-DET

Hi there,so i bought power surged ps4 pro,psu is dead,so i use atx from finalman blog…console wont beep or any signs of life,resistance to ground from this pin( first from 12v plus at 4pin conn) is 0.35-0.45 in diode mode,console had at ethernet port 3 resistors and big cap removed(probably bcs of power surge),i replaced southbridge bcs it had short on cap under it.Now it is without short ,but at pin acin-det i get low resistance reading…same value i got near cpu mosfet with big aluminum caps,and the on opposite but same side of board…I injected 2v 0.8a on small cap near aluminum caps and on thermal camera cpu is hotter…is my southbridge chip not seated right or i missed something?