Old 3DS won't turn on (no light at all)

I just bought nintendo old 3ds original model in a thrift shop. It won’t turn on at all. No light, nothing happened when charge plugged, both fuses are OK.
There is slight dirty on the right side near power button (image below), but nothing really damaged on the visual after i cleaned it.

And then, i checked out there’s no connectivity between positive battery terminal with charging port because there’s a bit of corrosion on the battery terminal, so i made this jumper (image below)

Because the original battery is dead, I tested it with DSi battery, which have similar voltage.
After all, it still won’t turn on, I have no idea. So, the question is:

  1. What could go wrong? any other things that I should check?
  2. is jumper on battery terminal necessary?
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If you do not have any signs of life, maybe your motherboard is just old and dead. But it’s strange that the fuses are working perfectly :thinking:
Can you post on a website like prnt.sc to show us the dirt on the power button?

Put the charger in and the battery then power it on, if you see a short red light check the fuzes and power chip