Old Switch stuck on logo


Following the abandonment of the repair of my Switch, I therefore decided to tackle my old one, hoping to get out of it :slight_smile:

To put it simply, it is under SX OS and the problem is that it does not start after installing a legit game purchased from the Store.

I don’t think it has anything to do with it but hey.

Repair side:

I changed the M92T, the P13USB and the connector. The console starts directly in RCM, if I inject the Hekate or SX Loader payload, it works, it boot on the Switch logo (the second) and it gets stuck on this logo indefinitely.

I did everything on the software side, even changed EMMC and completely rewrote the OS with no more results.

I abandoned the repair after spending two hours with a member of Logic Sunrise (Shadow) software specialist, he also tried everything to no avail.

I suppose that the problem is hardware but then, impossible to know where it can come from.

If at least I could bring this old Switch back to life, I’d be really happy :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your future help!

I would try to start L4T Ubuntu and see if wlan is working.

I do it and try Android also. Wlan is working well.
Thank you.

try to rebuild nand if you stuck on second logo?

Rebuild is done many times. I try to change the EMMC too with a full rebuild without success.

I think it’s material because the Switch doesn’t start without payload. If i try to turn on , it is “stuck” on RCM mode.