Older console repair videos

I was wondering whether older consoles could be featured on the Tronicsfix YouTube channel, namely Xbox 360, PS3 repairs (perhaps you could buy 20 Xbox 360s or PS3s and see how many you could fix up)? I’d love to watch it, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.


That would be interesting but I doubt it would be worth it to fix in bulk due to the low price you can buy a working console. Maybe if he could get a whole bunch of broken consoles dirt cheap and use them to fix a few.

I’m not sure on that. I probably won’t because I actually know very little about the older consoles. I started fixing with PS4’s so that’s what I know. I will consider making some type of video with the older consoles though. Thanks for the feedback.

Ya, I wouldn’t do it to try and make money…just not enough profit for the time spent. BUT I still think the older stuff is worth fixing…just not to make money on usually

Mate you’d be surprised what people will pay for the older shit I want a c64 but I can’t afford it because they sell upwards of au 300 bucks the older stuff sells for a frickin mint