OLED display flex cable/ ac adapter readings

sooooo i modded the switch and took out the oled flex cable and was careful not to damage it but it seems like after one screen gone bad and one not displaying a thing, i was left wondering… and i look inside the connector and behold i see pins where it had bent the flex cable and possibly damaged it, and the second screen flex is seeing some type of wear on it as well… could be salvageable.

it was removed carefully and feel like the pins were just waiting for me to remove the flex for them to fall. so for all newbies check your connectors even if the flex was removed safely!!!

im guessing i will have to replace…

aside from that I replaced the m92t36 and was able to put back some caps resistors on the board but i am reading only 5v… ive seen some videos go directly to 15v is that due to the type of device theyre measuring with? not sure how to go on