OLED No Display

Can anyone shed any light on this issue display connector pads showing a short when there shouldn’t be one there. Yellow circled pad is dead short to ground but can’t trace where its supposed to go. Pulled the display PMIC and short remains…

The both first two red ones are n.c. and the third red with yellow its line goes to the other side (side A) to the oled power ic ( S2DOS04) pin 9 under the emmc.

Does that line come up anywhere else on the board after the cap? I’ve replaced the entire circuit here but short still remains on that pin.

It’s not even going to any cap yet only a test point inside the emmc metal cage where the greed cross label.

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Without display connector and oled pmic there is still a short?

Yes the short is still on that pin

That’s great thanks, it does have a day0 adaptor for a modchip so I’ll remove that and fingers crossed that relieves the short.

You absolute legend… was bridged to the shielding on the inside… short gone!!! I fu**ing love you bro :heart:

Calvin, do you have a diode reading of this ic On the oled switch, im trying to determine if the point right below the highlighted yellow of ur picture is suppose to be 0 reading in diode(leads to test point on top left). Thanks

those 2 test points on top of emmc go to pin 8 and pin9 of the LED DRIVE ic which both should not be ground reading, make sure you didnt touch anything if you were having dat0 adapter or something after chopping off emmc shield

Its not grounded, just oL reading in diode mode. OL isonly on the pin right under calvin pic with the highlighted yellow

test pins reading doesnt matter, I was using those two point for dat0 when I was still doing emmc reball work so I would cut the trace since they do go anywhere.
However, if you have OL reading on the IC side that abnormal