OLED Switch FPC (display) connector

Hi there, whilst working on my switch oled, I accidentally broke the display connector. I was wondering if anyone had the specifications for it so I could buy a new one. I’ve taken a look at they do sell them on AliExpress however I was wondering if I could purchase it from mouser or digikey as it’ll be significantly faster.

Also a followup, when I do get it would it be recommended to solder each pin manually onto the board or to use hot air and low melt to solder the new connector?

Many thanks

On a normal switch I heat from under the board for the display connector, but I am not sure of the OLED layout.

You can buy them on AliExpress - I had ordered one some times ago

The EMMC chip is on the other side of the board which will make it virtually impossible to heat from underneath the board without removing the emmc. I think I will just solder the pins manually, probably the safest option.

Thanks for the response I am aware of that as mentioned in my OG post. I was wondering if I could get it from any other retailers, as it takes particularly long to receive items from AliExpress from where I live in which is in Australia. I was wondering if it was a standard FPC connector that I would be able to purchase from digikey or mouser that have local warehouses which will take less time for me to receive.

I saw reseller claims lite and oled share same LCD connector. which means the part number should be 503300-4110. Not sure if Digi-Key or mouser have it in stock in your country or not.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve taken a look and a lot of those AliExpress listings say that the OLED switch has 43pin whilst the Switch Lite uses 41 pin, they look slightly different in terms of sizes. Although that is a good lead, should help me narrow down a part number that has the correct specifications.

Here’s a follow up, using that part number that @jkyoho provided, I was able to find one that has 43 positions (pins). Which is part number: 503300-4310

Still need to look into it more to see if it is suitable for an OLED switch display socket.

It should be the right part, I remember from v1,v2,lite board ,they use same MOLEX 50330series connector. And indeed, oled uses 43pin. I sometime really don know how reseller get their math exam passed :rofl:

FYI. just google the part number and this YT video comes out say it is the right part

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Lol, I was just searching the part up on google and saw the same thing. Looks like we’ve solved it.

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