OLED Switch Shorts near MAX77812

I have a OLED Switch Mainboard that had a dead short on the big cap near the USB Port and some other caps around the board.

After measuring I conluded that most likely the USB Port is bad, even though there was no visible damage. I’ve desoldered the Port and most of the shorts were gone.

Around the MAX77812 I am still left with some shorts to GND on the caps left of the IC. (I am not allowed to Upload Images, a liitle hard to explain without)

Measuring 17.9 Ohms to GND and 0.3V in diode mode.

The switch is booting normally with a known good battery. I didn’t install a new port as I am still waiting for them to arrive.

Are these readings normal, or is there further damage I need to check. Should I replace the MAX IC, or can you point me to somewhere else I should check?

low impedance inductors, seems normal to me.

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