One of LCD connector pads are gone

Hi All,
I got another broken switch which supposedly was hacked. While trying to inject payload with TegraRCM, program shows that it was successful, but on the console only backlight turns on.
I verified the LCD connector and it was burned in one place. After taking it off I realized that, in the same place that the burn mark was, the pad is gone. I marked it on some sample screenshot.
Could someone tell me where does it connect to, so I can run jumper wire? Or is it a lost cause?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Its a ground pad, so it would not cause you any problem if its ripped or not.
Just replace the connector and it should work, if not we could compare a full measurement of the connectors pins.

Sorry for correction. The picture is upside down, so this pad is not GND.
My diode mode meassurement for this pad is “oL”.


Sorry you are right Calvin, my misstake…
I didn’t think of that haha…

You could try and carefully and slowly dig a little bit into the pcb where the pad was.
If i think right there should be a small copper pad under it but i would first try it on a donor board

Greetings how are you, I have exactly the same problem with a switch that I am repairing, could you fix it? do you know the point where this pad goes? it would be of great help greetings.

pin 5 empty, not used.