One S no power to disc drive

Hello. I got in a torn apart xbox one S. It was sold to me dirt cheap since it was sent to a “repair shop” that screwed them over. All they needed was a hard drive swap since it turned on for 15 seconds then off, but this “repair shop” unmounted the whole motherboard, screwed up the X clamp, the whole fan assembly was dancing on top of the processor. PLUS, they even had the nerve to remove the HDMI Retimer and not put it back in, I’m guessing they kept it for themselves, and the front power button board. Anyway… To the issue…

I got it up and running, installing a new hdd, new retimer, and new power button board. Got the software installed and it boots. But the disc drive does not work. I have replaced the whole drive with a known working one, just to see if it would insert the disc, but no. After checking voltages, I only get 3.3v on one of the lines going to the drive, there is no 5v, no 12v, and it’s alsmo missing a second 3.3v if I’m not mistaken. And no shorts to ground on any of these lines. Another issue it has, (just mentioning in case it has a connection), it doesnt seem to detect an ethernet connection correctly, while in the initial setup, it said connected, but the while looking for an update it always would fail, I had to use wireless to get it set up. The ethernet chip does not seem to have been removed.

Does anyone know what voltages are always present on the drive? I dont know if the 12v mosfet switches on until it detects a disc inserted or if it is always on. I do not have a working xbox board to figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

LOL. Never mind. I just registered the serial number shown on screen, and it turns out that it is an All Digital version. So they even had the nerve to swap out the poor guys motherboard and put this one in his case. People can be so cruel and not have a clue of how to handle motherboards. This one was perfectly fine if they knew how to repair a board.

I got the idea to check the serial online since it let me update the system without having a disc drive, which at the time didn’t seem weird since I didn’t know the drive wasn’t working.

On antoher note, I thought that if you had an all digital version, the disc drive would have power, it just wouldnt work since its not linkes to the board. In this case, no power is even sent to the drive.