Only one side charging

Hi, I have a power problem on my switch. I bought it broken and have been fixing it gradually. I first swapped the usb-c with a friend because I have never worked with a hot air station and wanted to see how to do it for the first time. He changed the usb-c but he riped 2 pads (5, 6 ). I found some informations about how to fix it and finally managed to do it. But the console was charging and docking only one way
Sry for bad english.

I cant upload any photos :frowning: so idk how to show you

Upload to a hoster and share the link here as code.

So Im level 1 rn so here
the photo I was working from


Have you tried testing with usb-c breaker board in order to be sure all 24pin making their way to the board?
I doubt 2nd roll missing connection

Not yet because I dont have it, but I bought it, so I need to wait.

Hi, so i got the breakout broard and testeted switch without bettery but few thinks didnt beept on multimeter diod mod. So should I but battery in and test it again or … ?

If you use diode mode, you not looking for beeps but diode reading on each pins, otherwise you should use continuity mode to test each pin going through corresponding test point/location.
FYI, never do any reading or test with battery plugged in( except when voltage reading)

Im not sure but it looks like they are combined

So by this picture cc1 is ok but cc2 is not.
But I tried if it leads through the breakout board to the usb c and led.

Btw Im not using official charger but my own for samsung + cheap usb cable.
Could this be a problem?