Only Turns on When Connected & Turns off after Waking

My switch will only power on if it is connected to power. Once it is on it function perfectly fine, I see no problem with fast battery drain or anything. But also, when I put the Switch into sleep mode, and go to wake it up, the power down menu shows up (the one that shows up when you long press the power button) for a few seconds before turning the console off. I do not have it in docked mode. Anyone know what may be causing this?

I’d check the daughterboard that supports the volume and power switches above the battery with the back cover off. Check it’s properly seated and that the switches have not collapsed/failed.

The switch will power on automatically if it’s off and an external power source is connected, so you are effectively bypassing having to press the power button.

All of this makes sense. But I have the same issue. And i have now tried my third daughter board. Ive only gotten it to work once. But then it stopped responding to the power button shortly after. Ive tried cleaning out the connection with alcohol. That is how i got it to work once. But now it just doesn’t respond. Everything else works perfectly. Just not the power button. Is there an effective way to clean the connection? Because it has not been working for me.