Optical Drive Left Reaer Prongs Broken - New Drive only Option?

I’ve posted a thread before where I’ve explained my PS4 slim optical drive problem. It doesn’t accept or eject discs automatically. Manually, it still works, but the automatic part seems to be broken. I think I’ve found the culprit:

i.imgur dot com/hgmosoU.jpg

These two metal enclosures should have two little prongs protruding (I’m not sure, but I think there need to be two prongs). As you can see from the photo, both my prongs are torn off. Is that the reason why the drive is not funcitoning automatically?

If it is, is there any way to fix this or would buying a new drive be the most efficient solution?

I’d advise seeing if you can get a donor board and taking the part from there as the board may be married to the mainboard

That’s what you meant by “eject sensors” right?

You can either replace the pull in motor or you can actually remove the metal top of the switch itself and just replace that little plastic arm.

Thanks for the response!

I’m not sure what the correct terminology is for those two plastic prongs, but I guess they are attached to some sort of sensor, as they trigger the eject or insert mechanism.

How can I replace that plastic arm? Can I buy these little plastic prongs somewhere and, if so, where? I tried superglue, but I just can’t find or make plastic pieces small enough to fit to this little spot in the metal enclosure…

I just found this eject sensor:

www.modchip dot it/shop/EN/Insert-Eject-Sensor-Switch-Motor-drive-kld-004-for-ps4-slim—NetworkShop.asp

I’m not sure if it works for any PS4 slim drive version. My drive looks like this:

i.imgur dot com/FZXxErr.jpg

It doesn’t have the second white plastic on the left side that connects the black arm to the little metal post beside it.

How hard is it to replace it? Do I have to use the solder iron for this or is it mainly a mechanical task?

You’ll need to remove the motor that has the those sensors on it and see what the number of the motor is. It’ll be on the green board. Then you’ll need to order the same one. You can replace the motor assembly and that would be the easiest way to fix it.

This is the picture of my drive with the top removed:

i.imgur dot com/qTBuoz5.jpg

I can spot KLD-004. I usually see KLD-004 or KLD-003 or KLD-002 in online shops associated with the eject sensor tag, so I take it there’s no further variation between KLD-004 or say KLD-003. So if it says KLD-004 on my board, this should be the sensor that I need to order, correct?

Regarding the installation: Can I just remove the current top green plate from the motor and substitute it with the new plate? I know that this plate is held to the motor with 2 solder joints, but I haven’t seen the motor removed. Is the motor itself just mechanically inserted or is it connected to the rest of the optical drive with solder joints, too?

You’ll need one with the same part number as yours.

The green plate does not separate. It’s all one unit.

How can I replace this eject sensor unit? Is it just some screws I’d need to unscrew or do I need a soldering iron?

You need to remove the black plate on the top of the unit. That will let you access two screws that will loosen it. Then you need to turn it over and remove the belt from the other side then slide the motor out.

Just to avoid any confusion: What do you mean by “the black plate on top of the unit”?

I take it you mean optical drive with unit, so the black plate has to be the underside of the optical drive itself (the top being the side with the moving plastic parts and the two black arms), correct?

This means that I need to remove the optical drive completely out of the PS4 slim so that I can access these two screws that will ultimately loosen the eject motor, correct?

There’s not really a top or bottom I guess but I consider the metal plate with the arms and gears on it to be the bottom. So the plate on the opposite side that you would have to remove to replace the laser…that black plate needs to come out. Yes, you need to have the disc drive out of the unit.

Thanks for the help!

I was thinking about just removing the green plate from the motor and replacing it with the new green plate. This plate uses the two big solder joints to stick to the motor. In theory, this should also work besides replacing the whole motor…