Orange display and error messages

Hi there! I do have an Nintendo Switch Pikachu edition and have big problems with it. When I put the switch in it’s dock while the tv is off I will get an orange screen which won’t stop until I make a hard reset. But that is not the onliest problem with the switch: Sometimes it just freeze out of nowhere and I got a black screen with error 2107-0114 and had to reset the switch again. Then it started with the orange screen and after that it froze with the Nintendo switch logo after that it turned on normally after the third try…
The shown error messages in the Nintendo switch itself are:
Error Code 2110-2004 (very often)
Error Code 2168-0002
Error Code 2107-0114

Do you have an idea what is wrong with the nintendo switch and how the hell I am able to fix it?

It’s an issue with the WIFI IC and will require a reball at a minimum or the IC will need to be replaced entirely if it’s bad