Origin of 3.3v on large filter capacitor above SD Card Slot

Hey, all. Does anyone know which component/s deliver 3.3v to the large filter cap above the SD card slot? I’ll try to tell my issue here real quick:

In short, I have a test Lite console for chip install/tests. It has had a few dozen modchips installed to it for testing purposes.
The cap in question finally gave out, haha. One end broke off but didn’t lift the pad, just the cap broke.
Before and after replacing it the board no longer delivers 3.3v to those pads or the cap (duh).

Oddly, the SD Card slot works and dosen’t seem to be giving the “black screen” issue many seem to get with this issue. Still, I want to avoid issues in the future and it makes chip installs harder as I have to take 3v3 from another, smaller cap.

I know of the transistor on the back (AJxx, iirc) but that seems to test fine. Also the MAX IC under the APU seems like it may deliver it. No shorts and one cap showing 3v3, the rest and the inductors showing 0.6v (making me suspect it) but no shorts.

Any help or just basic road to go down would be appreciated. BTW, I have a lot of experience with the work so no worries about replacing anything if it leads to that. I just don’t work on Lite units beyond chip install. Thanks.

i know the ENxx BGA’s also produce a 3.3v, but I could not tell you if it is sent to the SD reader or not.

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Pick one you prefer for your 3.3v

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Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit of a stickler so I’m not so concerned about where to find alternative 3v3 points but fixing that specific issue. I don’t want to band aid a problem and have cascade to other things down the road.
I was already aware of multiple 3v3 points to power a chip, I want to restore that specific 3v3 line.

But thank you!


Also, thank you very much for the tip! I’ll look at those next.

can you tell me if you find out what cap this is ive just done the same thing as you destroyed one end of the cap and woud like to replace it.

Hi. It’s a 4.7uF 10v Capacitor, 0402 size. Good luck but know that on mine something damaged on that line. It no longer is supplied 3v3 and that’s what I’m trying to fix.

It may be a 6 pin regulator on the back side or an IC above that at the top of the board. All tests fine but Switch is weird that way where a bad IC can test fine and be bad. More than most consoles I’ve worked on.

Good luck.

how do you test for 3.3v on that? Need to replace mines but if the 3.3v is no longer supplied it might be pointless. I have a general idea of testing voltage but not sure if this specifically needs power run through the circuit to test or if it could be tested without the battery plugged in