Original Xbox Controller (The Duke) stuck going left

I am trying to fix an original Xbox controller that is just stuck going left. I first replaced the analog stick and that didn’t work so I then removed the analog stick completely and it still kept going left. When testing I didn’t bother putting the controller back together and it still went left so I knew it wasn’t the d-pad. Also I tested in GTA3 and the d-pad doesn’t work for moving your character so I knew I could rule that out. I replaced the capacitors with ones off of a known good controller just in case. I tested some of the components for shorts and didn’t find any. I compared some of the components to ones from a known good board and everything seemed to come back the same except for the 5 large capacitors so I replaced them. I checked under the microscope for bridged connections and didn’t see anything. I am just lost right now and have no clue what the issue could be. Has anyone run into this issue before on this or any other controller and if so what was causing the issue? If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it, I have been at this all day with no results. Thank you for reading.