Original xbox one system error e100 won't install then when finally installs no responce

So ai have a system here giving me an error during update. I downloaded the manual install and tried that a couple times then it finally went through. Not that it’s gone through it brought me to the wizard where you start entering your information. Now when I try and boot the console it seems to go real slow if at all. Sits at a blank screen. I leave it and it eventually comes up with sign in to Microsoft which is pretty much unresponsive. Upon physical inspection I don’t see any damage on the board or any corrosion and I applied new thermal paste. I’m out of ideas for what is wrong.

I left it on and it eventually gets to here. I press a then 5 minutes later changes to the next screen.

Try replacing the hard drive

Hard drive or apu mine was a apu so it was not fixable but try replacing the hardrive and connectors.

I had one with a persistent e100, replaced HDD , reballed southbridge and same thing . One thing left was reballing Apu . So you could try what I did . Customer console was not fixed.