Overheating and joy con issues

I’m trying to repair my switch staring with the fan since it has developed heating issues lately. I cant use it in its dock for over an hour since it heats up quickly and the fan is very loud. If I replace the fan will my switch need other repairs/things to keep an eye out so it won’t overheat in the future? Also is it really safe to get a third party dock so i can prevent more overheating issues? I would like to see of it’s safe so if I can invest in one instead of using the original since from what u have seen has been the cause of switches overheating.

Also as of recent date (maybe a week or two ago) when using the switch handheld at periods of times my joy cons would appear to be disconnected from the switch but they are still attached and when they do disconnect it seems sometimes they dont want to reconnect even after removing them and reattaching them back, I tried looking around the internet and I cant really seem to find a solution. Can anyone point me in the right direction to see where I can start on that as well to fix it?

Please and thank you

I can t recommend a third party dock. The Switch hardware is very sensitive to false voltages and the usb c from Nintendo is not standard. A missmatch in the power delivery usualy leads to a Switch which doesn t turn on anymore.

The fan and the JoyCons share some power lines. Maybe your problem has an single source.

Did you inspect the JoyCon rails and its contacts on the Switch and Joycon side?

Is the Switch realy hot or only the fan spinning high?

With the overheating issue, the console is both very hot and the fan is very loud

And by the looks of it I think it might be the rails of the console that might be loose. Should I replace them or should I just put them back into place?

Likely not the switch rails on the console itself

More likely to be the plastic springed catch has wore out inside the joy con carriage/rail, do the joy cons slip out easily without pushing the release button?

In regards to the noisy fan, Bearings can go on these pretty quick, particularly if they’re jammed with fluff/dust further throwing them off balance, you might get a few months of better performance by cleaning it and the heatsink fins but if it is the bearing (or bushing) that’s failing it will get progressively worse over time.

There is a method for taking the fan apart completely but I’ts potentially destructive because of the heat stakes and the ease of accidently deforming the metal so would just recommend cleaning it as best you can from the outside with a soft brush.

New paste might make a minimal difference.

Would second checking joycon pins on the console itseld and joycon side, it’s common for a pin or two to get stuck down preventing proper contact