Overheating i think?

hey guys! ive recently brought a xbox one but i recently cleaned my xbox one to make sure there dust free i moved my xbox into a cooler place of my home to make sure it gets enough air but unfortuantly my xbox gets hot when i play certain games (fortnite , minecraft, gta) and even when i just turn my xbox on it starts to get warm straight away i wanted to try to take apart my xbox to see if the fan has dust but my xbox is new so i dont think it would have dust? and im not a person who knows how to take the dust out of the inside of the xbox and i heard its dangerous to take a xbox apart as if you can break something inside but i wanted to know if its common for the xbox to get warm even when you just turned it on? its only recently just started getting hot :frowning: i need help i dont want my xbox to break :frowning: ( i also just wanted to mention my xbxo makes no loud fan noises or anything it just feels hot when i place my hand above it

Thats completely normal. It would be a problem if the xbox was putting out cold air after gaming.

thanks for telling me but its not really feeling cold it just feels hot all the time mostly

Like I said, thats normal. Putting out heat is a good thing. If it shuts down then that would be a problem

so if the console shuts down by itself its bad? because it gets to hot?

Yes. Thats when it would be considered overheating

what happens when it overheats?

The console will just shut off randomly.

In your case it sounds like its operating completely normally

okay thank you i appreciate your help! so if ti shuts off what should i do? because im confused about that :frowning:

If it does overheat first make sure there is enough ventilation around it, if so then you will likely have to open it, clean it, and replace the thermal paste. If you don’t know how to open the console there are a lot of videos on youtube on how to do so.

okay thanks for giving me advice i appreiciate it !