Overheating issues on Ps5 games . help please

this might be a little long but here we go . i took my ps5 to a place to get it cleaned out because it was turning off on me playing only ps5 games . it would turn off on its own after maybe half hour to an hour . they told me they were gonna clean it out for me and put new liquid metal on it . a week later i get it back and set it up and as soon as i load into a ps5 games , the fan ramps up and sounds like a jet and turned off . i took it back and after a couple hours they told me that whoever applied the liquid metal didn’t apply enough and said that they applied only a bead of liquid metal because they thought it was the same way you applied it for a ps4. they fixed and returned it to me but this time it was just giving me the blinking blue light of death and it wouldn’t even go on safe mode . i take it back once again and after 3-4 days of calling to get an update they finally tell me that it seems like i have a “ apu issue “ ( exactly what he told me ) and that they don’t work on motherboards. he told me after i took it in the second time that they put too much liquid metal and had to wipe some off and got it to turn on but told me that after a few minutes the fan would ramp up and turn off on ps5 games as soon as you got into a game and other times it didn’t but he told me i was going to get it back how i got it but it certainly doesn’t sound like it . i was just looking into other opinions because i don’t know much ab these things and ask if it really is a “apu” issue or did they break my system and not take responsibility? i still haven’t picked it up yet and i just want to learn a bit more to see maybe if they did break it or not so i could get a replacement on my ps5 or get something done about this with them because they are trying to tell me that the apu could just give out at any moment and there sayinf it was faulty before i brought it in and that’s why it was just turning off , not because it needed a cleaning . i know this was long but i just need an
opinion on this .

Try a full firmware reinstall, and turn off rest mode and hdmi device link. This should have been been done before giving it in for cleaning. I should say at this point I don’t own a ps5 but a ps4 but this is what fixed it for some users.

OK, first, liquid metal goes on the APU. Liquid metal is conductive. If liquid metal gets on something and shorts it. It can blow things to high hell.

Second. From what your describing sounds like your system may have been experiencing a power issues or board fault. So its possible that the system may have been already on its way out.

Third. If it was not jet engine before taking it it but after getting it back. Then yes someone screwed up.

Pop it open, look at the board (especially around APU). Look for liquid metal spills / drops. If you find some, take photos and post here.