Overheating of my ps4.

Hello, my name is Eduardo González, I am from Nicaragua.

11 months ago my ps4 stopped working properly.

This was when my ps4 received update 6.72.

I updated my console on July 10, 2019, the next day I started to play and after 10 minutes I got an overheating message, I let it cool for half an hour, and I turned it on again and I got the overheating message again , I disconnected it from the power and the next day I turned it on and I got the same message, I noticed that the fan of the ps4 did not work.

Seeing that the problem was the fan, I decided to buy a new one, when it came to me, I decided to install it watching YouTube videos, not only change the fan, but also clean it thoroughly and change the thermal paste. I put it back together and it looks like new, I turned it on and the fan worked, the only thing that after a few minutes sounded loud at times, but I still got the message of overheating, I decided to let it rest until the next day, I turn on the ps4 and I realize that the fan is not spinning, and I still get the overheating message, I disassemble the ps4 and notice that the fan did not work.

someone could help me?..

someone know how to disassemble the fan, I want to make a fan that works from the 2 I have.