Overheating only on modern warfare

My ps4 says overheating close app or shut down. I’m about to Change the thermal paste and pads but I notice it only does it on call of duty if the paste was bad won’t all my games cause it to overheat. Anyway I already ordered grizzly paste I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I should do while changing the paste

Dust the whole thing out especially the fans

Thanks for the reply. I cleaned it very good already took out the power supply and everything to get all the dust in the cooling fins and everything a few thermal pads where split but won’t it overheat on every game if that was the problem. Can’t remember if I said I ordered thermal paste and pads already but is it anything else I should do while changing the paste?

If you want to keep it as cool as humanly possible, there are a few things you could do. One is replace the memory thermal pads with larger ones, you could also increase the mounting pressure on the APU using washers(be careful how much pressure you put there, it could end up cracking the dye and bye bye PS4, please be careful). Last but not least you could modify the fan to run 100% (or less if you use a resistor) all the time, there are tons of tutorials for that on YouTube.