Overheating xbox one s controller

I’m working on an xbox one s/1708 controller that overheats and shuts off. I’m seeking some expertise for the repair.

The controller would not power on, so I opened it up and saw that the diode (D23) was burned. I replaced that diode with another one that I took from spare board which allowed the controller to power on. Afterwards, I noticed that the chip (U1) generates a lot of heat and the controller shuts off after a few seconds.

I’m not sure how to proceed with the repair. Or, perhaps this means that the controller cannot be fixed. Could the chip be the problem, or is it something else?

I’m not an expert. I tinker with broken electronics (mostly gaming electronics) in my spare time to learn about how electronics work and to see if I can fix them. I’ll gladly welcome any advice anyone has. Thanks!

Well she definitely don’t look healthy mate check if the bad girl on your donor board is good and if so see if putting her on works sorry i’m rather enthusiastic when it comes to electrics it’s a hobby for me

check the components around U1 not to be grounded… that could be the reason of the overheatin…