P13USB Capacitor & Resistor Values

Hey All,
Looking for some help to identify circled Resistor and Capacitors values so I can replace them? Can anyone help, searched the forums but doesnt seem to be a complete list!!

100k on the top right circled resistor; 100nF cap next to the big one at bottom left

Thanks for the help, is there any specific voltage on the capacitor? also is it 2012 Metric? Would this do?

SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, 0.1 µF, 50 V, 0805 [2012 Metric], ± 10%, X7R, -55 °C -


0201 SIZE AFAIK. 5~10v should be good enough(they are on 3.3v line)

Brill thanks, I’ll give it a shot!