P13USB Component Values


I was wondering if anyone can help me out? I replaced the P13USB chip on my Nintendo Switch and stupidly blew off a few components around it with my heat gun and soldering iron. Would anyone know what the values of the 4 components x2 to the right of the bigger capacitor under the P13USB chip that is in the middle an the other two to the left of that capacitor. Two brown components and two black so I can order them as I don’t have a donor board and it’s very difficult to find a cheap non working switch in Australia for parts.

It says I cannot embed a file in this post so I can’t show the photo with the components circled. See other people have posted pictures. How can I post one to show what I’m after?

Thanks @Calvin for delicate picture

How can i get this but for oled but a compleat set front and back of board???

You can’t. This kind of diagram is made by repair community and you have to search around as they might not even share anywhere