P13USB just won’t come off!

I’m new to fixing Switches and very inexperienced with all this stuff, so forgive me for my ignorance! But I just can’t seem to get a faulty P13USB off the board! I’ve tried a bunch of different temperature/airflow combinations, and I’ve tried two different types of flux. I’ve tried 380-420 degrees C with about 50% airflow using Kingbo RMA-218 flux. Based off everything I’ve seen online this should work! But that chip won’t budge! I have a cheap Chinese soldering + air rework station so I wondered if the temperature displayed was lower than the actual temperature, so I even tried 450-470 degrees C and still nothing. I practiced removing a QFN chip from a junk board and that worked no problem at 380 degrees C. Any advice for temperature/airflow/time combinations?

Melt some leaded solder to mix with the unleaded and apply to the solder joints (450 degree on solder tip) . That should reduce the required temperature to melt. Turn it max temperature and 30 to 50 air flow. Check if the solder joint turn shiny. Then do a nudge test and remove the IC

I have found sometimes that while it has melted there is enough surface tension to make it impossible to pull directly up with my tweezers (once nudge test shows it is free). At this point, tipping it to the side will release it.

I tried that and it didn’t work. My technique/solder may be wrong, I’m not sure. At this point I’ve poured hours of time into this and the chip is completely ripped up from my tweezers slipping, and components around the chip have been blown out of place. Perhaps the plastic of the chip has melted and fused to the board, or there’s an ungodly amount of solder underneath on the pad. Something seems to be wrong, and I’m not equipped to deal with it properly. I think I’ve accepted my fate with this Switch, and I just wanna see that chip come off by any means necessary. Any ideas for more destructive methods of removal?

im not sure, if you are in Canada, I could lend you a hand