Part getting hot and smelling when battery is connected

Hi there
First I’d like to say how impressed I am by the knowledge that is spread around here. I’ve read and learned a lot.

Now I’m dealing with this problem:
I got a broken Switch (stuck at Switch Logo). I’ve done a few things. Replaced M92 and BQ. Reflowed and reballed the wifi chip. Replaced the USB Port. But it is still not booting past switch Logo.

Last thing I did was replacing BQ. But now, as soon as the battery is connected the highlighted part on the picture (https[:]//ibb[.]co/XDtLD90) gets freaking hot and starts smelling. Any clue what this is and what could cause this issue? I have a donor board but fear that the replacement will get fried as soon as I power it again.

Thanks and BR

According to Severance in another thread, it’s a MAX8969.

Other thread here:
www tronicsfixforum com

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Thanks for pointing me there. I just noticed that post refers to the same board area minutes after I posted. However there it is not mentioned that the part gets hot as in “so hot that still the contour is visible on my fingertip the day after touching it” :-D.
But still the MAX could be the issue. I will try that.
The MAX is probably the small black IC? What gets hot is the silverish part right to it on my picture. It has very low resistance. Is it an inductor?

Yeah, pretty sure that’s just an inductor so should be pretty low resistance. I would try changing the MZ chip first, and see if that fixes it.

Thank you. Replacing the MX brought me back to where I was at the beginning (stuck at Switch Logo). Unfortunately now I have a high pitched coil whine on the board. Probably the overheated part mentioned before. Will exchange that too.

I will try to exchange the wifi chip and if that fails will open a new thread