Parts close to apu and max77812 chip

Hello everyone!
I need some help, a sanity check and identification.

Switch V2 (Mariko), 2019 edition, HAD-CPU-01.

I’m in need of values / part number of four components around the MAX77812.

First, the inductor,
DFE201610-E-R24N (nH: 240, mohm: 16, Amp 7/5.5 40c), I think I’m close on that one, is it okay to just change one of them, even if I go with the other part number part?

Second and third:
0603/1608 10uF (#2) + 22uF (#3)
Thats what I think I need…
Is there anything else I need to have in mind while searching for a new one? I got a few boards from other electronics, (asus tf101)

And the forth,
the one that I know nothing at all about, so many people have asked about the two on the left side of apu, this little guy is hiding south of apu.

Thanks in advance!


@jkyoho & @Calvin, I Summon you :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping, sanity on point 1-3, would you like to point me in direction to figure out nr4? Component is gone on my board. I have a feeling that it should be a 100nf