PATCHED SWITCH, but stuck in RCM mode


device only pulls 0.43A, no shorts around either of the chips.
When I connected to a PC and started TegraRcmGUI, it was judged to be in RCM mode.
Press and hold the power button for 12 seconds to turn off the power, but press the power button again to switch to RCM mode again.

this switch has been patched and paylode cannot be act.

What other ways can it be repaired?

This switch is in AutoRCM mode, try to Payload Hekate and turn auto RCM off.

this switch has been patched and paylode cannot be act.

Did TegraRCM recognize the Switch direct without jig procedure?

The TegraRcmGUI recognized that it was in RCM mode when only the board was connected to the computer without connecting the battery.
No Power Button and No JoyCon. :cry:

So there might be a problem with the emmc. Maybe the emmc gets no power, a problem with the connector or the nand itself.

I would check the connector for the right voltages and diode mode values. The first with battery and pluged cable the second (diode mode measurement) without any powersupply.


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Thanks diode map.

Most of the places that exceed the value.
Can you identify the location of the failure?


3.3v .892 3.3v .892
- 1.8v 2.313
1.8v .799 -
- 0.9v .812
0.0v 1.150 -
- 1.8v .805
1.8v .810 -
- 1.8v .804
1.8v .605 -
- 1.8v .809
1.8v .802 -
- 1.8v 810
1.8v .802 -
- -
1.8v .395 1.8v .395

In diode mode it matters which way around the probes are placed. The red probe should be on ground. :wink:

Hi, same problem you described.
Switch arrived with a slight bent…
Patched switch stuck in RCM with 0.43A, no shorts i could find
I cannot check the connector because i have to unsolder it, right?
Open to new ideas…

To check the values, you can put your probe on the pins on top or on the side of the connector. My picture without the connector is a bit misleading. Probing is possible without removing the connector. :wink:

I can + this, I’ve just done it on my mind.
Not easy without a magnifying glass, but still very doable.

Did we ever find a solution to this problem?

I have a switch with the same issue and I am in the process of checking the pins on the emmc connector now, but also have no shorts near any of the chips. just one short on the capacitor directly next to the LCD socket.

I do however hear a high pitched buzzing near the emmc when it is powered on. I don’t know if that is of any significance?

For what it is worth, I had a Switch (water damaged) showing this exact behaviour. Patched, booting to AutoRCM, no shorts anywhere.

In the end I went round cleaning absolutely everything with a dental pick, contact cleaner, IPA, wire brush. And reflowed all the chips I could (MT, BQ, Audio, MAX etc etc.), basically any area that shows some corrosion but the cleaning wasn’t getting too got reflowed with the exception of the SoC and RAM, which I considered too risky.

To my surprise, it booted right up.