Pc and tv does not recognize nintendo switch after change usb port

Hello everyone, I’m new in the forum, I bought a 2018 switch with a broken usb port, after changing the port, the ic mt92 and the charging ic bq, the console turns on, charges and works perfectly, except that it is not recognized by the pc not even for the dock, I have changed the p13usb 2 times, checked all the filters in diode mode, changed and checked the usb port 3 times I can’t get the pc to detect it, it appears as an unknown device, does anyone know what could be happening?

Are you able to check connections on the usb port with a breakout board?

No, unfortunately I don’t have that

I realized that the cap that is below the mt92 is shorted, which is connected to the soc, I tried to remove the m92 and p13 and it remains in short, nintendo works well, charging and turns on normally, the board is a HAC-20, it could mean something?

I suspect that the cause could be this esd protection, I have ordered a couple of them and I will install them as soon as I get them, I will let you know if there is any change, I have 5 donor boards and none of them have them

You could remove it. Will work without it

Theres another one in the front too that might need to remove

I realized that the other boards that I have dont have those diodes, but I thought that in this version it was necessary the diode to be in the circuit, would the nintendo work as one of those that do not have a diode or would I have to make a bridge?

Its works fine once u remove it. If i recall it regulates charging with a 5v charger but im not sure. I had fix several with that protection removed

ok I’ll do it tomorrow, I ordered a couple of them anyway just in case, I hope this fixes the problem, because I don’t know what else to check, thanks

Removing the esd should be able to get ur pc to recognize by computer. Not being able to dock, my guess would be one of the filter below the piusb, its either no contact to usbc or a bad filter

Its likely not shorted. If its the cap below m92 which is connected to 1V8PDR, you likely wont be able to start the switch if its shorted. Can you measure in resistance mode the shorted cap to ground? Some meters will buzz at lower resistance levels that is not a true short to ground.

It may be that in this version that capacitor has less impedance because my multimeter does not beep on the other boards that I have but it does on this one, tomorrow I will measure the resistance to ground but it seemed strange to me because I have never seen that capacitor shorted on a board it works

I Just removed both of them and still nothing :frowning:

With the multimeter set in 2k ohms it give me 0.16 on the bottom and 0.27 on the top, I also removed the cap and cheked under and I got the same measures

I’m thinking that the soc is fried, the pins of the first usb c connector were bend and I’m getting low values on the test points d+ 420 and d- 612 they have continuity with the other test points in the back next to the audio ic, and that cap below the mt92 is shorted, there’s something else that I should check?

I have checked some more caps looking for shorts and I have discovered that this cap is shorted too, without a doubt I have a short in the 1v8PDR rail I don’t know how it is possible but the switch works, this could be related to the USB port not recognizing the console? I am thinking of removing the PMIC but considering that could also be the SoC do not know if I should, someone had this problem before?