Pericom PI3USB pads missing - Swearwords not articulated!

Hi All,

Does anyone know where the 8 & 9th pins go, I think I’m correct? With the Realtek at North, the pads are 6 & 7th from the left, and 8 & 9th from the right. Big cap at top center.

@Calvin has been helpful in this area in the past, and not-so-secretly hoping that he can help with this too?

Thanks to All:-)

Hi Andromeda.
Pin 1 is in the top right corner, like the three angled marking pointing. The pin counting is counterclockwise.
Pins 5 and 6 (dp2+/dp2-) and pins 8 and 9 (dp3+/dp3-) are nc at the Switch. The four pads have no vias and there are no lines to them. The only DP lines in use are dp0+/- and dp1+/-.

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Thank you for that Calvin, you are a star! We are indeed fortunate to have you map this board so well. I am lucky that those pads marked in orange(dp3) above are my missing pads and that they’re not connected. I just need to recreate pad two(not mentioned above) with transformer wire and I should be ok!

Hi Calvin, Have you measured the Pericom 4.7K resistors off the board? I seem to have lost mine, and wanted to check before ordering some new ones.

This are the values I measured myself (for the components off circuit):

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