Picofly rp2040 , LED BLUELIGHT AND YELOW, nothing happen …

Hello , i have soldering an picofly on switch light
But when i start the Nintendo switch
Pocofly make blue light and blink yellow light …
Nothing happen
Do you have idea ?
Thanks ( sorry iam French )

Help please … I don’t understand what the picofly blinkin blue led :sweat::sob:

Your soldering looks bad (particularly on the SoC). Remove the installation, clean up joints (and clean up in general) and ensure the console still actually boots without (to verify what the issue actually is, either the switch mainboard or the picofly at fault) - next, practice your soldering elsewhere and get some practice, use leaded solder and flux and a decent iron.

If Switch mainboard boots without picofly then you can reattempt install and the soldering looks good this time around and if your still having issues then either you’ve hooked something up wrong or the picofly is now damaged.

Honestly it’s not even entirely your fault, this picofly design is incredibly terrible and is obviously based on the SX modchip design (which was also in it’s self terribly designed) … why soldering directly on to the SoC was chosen (when there is far better options/loactions) is beyond me and just invites damage on behalf of people new to soldering

Please don’t take offense here either, judging from your soldering work (mess and soldering balls floating around everywhere) you shouldn’t have even attempted this job and at best should have paid someone else to do this or just bought an unpatched unit.

Hello thanks you very much
Soc it’s picofly ?
I need use wire not flex ?
Thanks advance

No SoC is the big chip your soldering onto.

I would personally use enamel wire myself (though I wouldn’t use this modchip/flex system outside of anything but personal troublshooting/repair situations because as I say the thing is poorly designed) but i can’t stress enough that you should first ensure console boots normally without picofly and ensure everything is clean etc. Do not attempt reinstall until you’ve got some practice elsewhere as, like i say, your soldering is really not good bud and your likely to cause damage if you continue on :+1:

Okay this afternoon I need try to remove picofly and all flex I hope switch like work again :sweat: without picofly

I have remove picofy
And cut the left cap of processor :scream:
But I have other die motherboard switch I have fix the cap with same cap processor
Now she work
Do you thing I can wired the picofly with wire ?

Glad it’s still working

No, not yet, practice your soldering elsewhere (on a dead board) until your joints are perfect. Do not touch your working board until you’ve done this. The fact you’ve even powered on your “working” board in it’s current strate (with all that mess over the SoC) suggests you don’t understand the importance of the clean up i mentioned prior… you will kill the SoC (and thus the entire thing essentially) if you continue on in this manner :frowning:

Feel free to post images of your practice session on a dead board and I can let you know if they’re good enough if you want :+1: (they’ll need to be clearer than your last photo)

You say the truth iam not good , but I retry … and it work !!!
Tank you man

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Hi I had the same problem hwfly blue led and then flashing yellow how did you solve it by fixing the Flex on the CPU?

I remplace the caps and the flex on cpu and after it work good

I have already replaced them, I tried in diode mode and the value comes out

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