Playstation 3 power problem

Ps3 shows red light then when the button is pressed it goes green for a sec or two and then turns off. i uploaded a short YT video of it i can send it to you if you want.

That means something on the morherboard has failed. Can you do any sort of soldering? If not, unfortunately its unfixable

So, I’m new here and I know this is an older post, but I was wondering if you found a fix?

I finally got my PS3 slim back after letting my dad use it for a couple of years. It was working fine when I got it back but was very dirty. They smoke in the house and have dogs so it needed a through cleaning, and since it was manufactured in 09, I thought it would be a good idea to re-paste. I have never attempted a re-paste before but I did my homework and it seemed pretty straight forward.
No issues with disassembly, the paste wasn’t completely dry but the board was a little stuck.
I didn’t force it but it did take some time to get it separated from the heat sink.
I re-pasted and reassembled.
Now when plugged in the red standby light come on as normal but when u press to turn on it beeps once then immediately shutdown and goes back to standby within a second or so.
Strangely enough I took the top off last night and went looking for a problem and was able to get it fired up. I signed in to PSN and ran an update and was able to get in a game.
Then I put it back together and it went back to one beep and shutdown.
No matter what I try now it’s just one beep and off.
Anyone know where to start looking?