Playstation 4 Blue light of death

Hello guys. So my friend has a 1st gen PS4 that was overheating and shutting down after 30 minutes of gameplay.

After I deep cleaned everything, change the thermal paste, thermal pads and cooling fan, I was met with the infamous blue light.

The PS4 won’t boot into safe mode (even when the HDD is removed, and the HDD is in good health), the USB ports won’t charge the controller and it runs indefinitely on the blue light, never changing to white.

I have tried many fixes from different tutorials:

•Apply more thermal paste.

•Discharge it and then restart it.

•Check all the wires for damage (internal and external)

•Change the HDMI and power cable.

•Apply more pressure to the APU.

I am at a stump here. I don’t know what else to do or how to fix it. Any help from you would be appreciated!