Playstation 4 will not power on (No light, No Beep)

Hey I have a (ps4 motherboard SAC-001 series) that will not boot up after a random shutdown. I know it’s not that psu because it tested it with my multi-meter and I also put in a brand new one and still no beep or light. I did some research and came across a couple forums saying that its either a APU problem or the south-bridge. My questions are after looking around I can not find the version of the south-bridge (CXD90036g) or a reball stencil that matches. are all the south-bridge interchangeable/compatible (highly doubt it)?

I have the same problem no beep no light i change the cmos battery i change the psu still no. but I think maybe its a pwm ic chip but i dunno how it looks like been trying to find the image for days

what ps4 motherboard model do you have?