Playstation 5 blueray drive is not reacting on a disc

Please help.
History : I’ve bought a PS5 at launch…all was fine until my son insert few cotton buds inside the disc drive. I’ve fixed it (kind of), cleaned all the mess but since then all the discs were ejecting without stop (so it seems all the rollers were rolling inside after ejecting the disc) but then suddenly it (the disc drive) just stopped reacting on anything while I’ve tried to insert any disc inside it just not reacting on anything. However i can hear after console lunch that disc drive is powered

Sounds like the triggers are not getting the correct instructions. Remove casing of drive, take top part off (the thing with the arms and magnet) Use a screw driver and turn manual eject so the rollers are in the up position. Then reassemble. Also do you have the white bar between the rollers? If not, it maybe jammed under the roller mechanism.