Playstation 5 bluray drive

Hello. If someome can help me out. I had my ps5 for about a month and noticed that my bluray drive is slowing. It wasnt much slower until recentlx where disc sometimes gets stuck halfway in and then louder sound comes from drive and it almost feels like it force inserts it in. I found a fix but didnt last long maybe day or 2. I blowed rly hard and the drive went back to normal speed but it isnt permament. Q tip and alcohol like on ps4 drive didnt hold aswell. Something is definitively wrong with rollers perhaps they get dirty fast or idk. Anyone had same issue or similar one and is there a way of fixing it easy pls let me know? Im under warranty so i dont want open it up but i dont want to send it to service either. So if there is a easy fix pls lemme know. Its a really frustrating thing…

My guess is its getting dirty quickly. 99% of the time thats what causes discs to go in slowly. You might just have to keep cleaning the drive, or call sony.

Eh, i have warranty till july 2022 il see how it wilč affcet games so far they work fine. I doubt they can do much about dirt… Il just cover it with something.

I kept it coveeed now for 4 days so far its good

My question is if ypu have some advice how does so much dirt get in that drive becomes slow and how do i prevent it? Do i wipe the discs before every inserr or?

That probably just means the room you are keeping it in is dirty. If you aren’t already maybe try vacuuming your room, and get an air purifier to take dust out of the room. Also, doew anyone in your house smoke? If so thats also likely contributing to the problem.

Room is always clear mom takes care of tha, but yeah dad and i are the smokers, but also it was happening in my bedroom where i clean also but do not smoke…

Never had a problem with ps4 disc drive on same setup.