PlayStation disk drive not working

Hi Tronicsfix I been watching your videos for a while now, and really like your content, your channel got me in to Do it yourself repairs,but anyway I was wondering if you could help me out I bought a PlayStation 4 from the pawnshop for a pretty good price for my nieces and nephews so they can play they still have the old PlayStation 2 to it’s not a PlayStation five but the 4 is still good I thought I can upgrade them anyway I bought it and the owner said it was an overheating issue I knew right away just by looking at it the PlayStation need to be cleaned badly it was really gunked up and really dirty so I cleaned it really well and changed thermal paste but when put the system back together everything works except for the disk drive which previously worked when the pawnshop owner demonstrated for me when I took it apart I heard a rattle in it I noticed there were two bobby pins inside of the disk drive I took them both out now it’s doesn’t work So I had another PlayStation lying around and I swapped a disk Drive and it still doesn’t work but the one that I thought was broken works on my other PlayStation so I’m assuming it’s a motherboard issue and I’m not that very knowledgeable about that so I was wondering if you could help me out somehow I don’t know what chip I need to replace or reflow oh side note it turns the PlayStation on when on when try to insert the but the motor won’t kick on to pull the disk in and this is with the original and and replacement disk drive please can you help me?

Reflowing would only damage it further, and maybe even beyond repair. When you swapped the disc drive did you make sure to swap the board attached to the drive as well? The drive is locked to each individual console and whenever you swap the drive the board needs to be taken from the old drive.